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The Bridges Center for Surgical Weight Management at St. Luke’s Medical Center is designated a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) for providing superior bariatric surgery patient care and delivering optimal levels of performance. St. Luke’s Medical Center received the MBSAQIP accreditation for bariatric surgery in 2005 through a collaborative effort with The Bridge’s Center’s board-certified bariatric surgeons. (Learn more about St. Luke’s.)

About Our MBSAQIP Accreditation

The Bridges Center for Surgical Weight Management at St. Luke’s Medical Center is an MBSAQIP-designated surgical weight loss center in the Phoenix area. To earn and maintain its MBSAQIP accreditation, The Bridges Center at St. Luke’s Medical Center continually adheres to stringent requirements designed to provide bariatric patients with high quality care throughout the weight loss surgery journey. These standards require that an institution…

  1. Offers ongoing bariatric education programs for medical staff and patients.
  2. Performs more than 700 bariatric surgeries each year — far exceeding the minimum requirement of 125 surgeries.
  3. Designates medical directors for the bariatric program, providing leadership in each location.
  4. Ensures critical care resources are always available for bariatric patients.
  5. Procures and maintains equipment appropriate for bariatric patient care.
  6. Works with highly qualified surgeons who specialize in bariatric surgery.
  7. Standardizes preoperative care and bariatric surgical procedures.
  8. Dedicates nurses and program coordinators to bariatric patient care.
  9. Organizes and supervises bariatric patient support groups.
  10. Offers long-term bariatric patient follow-up — exceeding the minimum five-year requirement.

Remaining a Top Surgical Weight Loss Center in Phoenix

To ensure ongoing MBSAQIP compliance, The Bridges Center for Surgical Weight Management at St. Luke’s Medical Center shares clinical, process and patient outcome data with MBSAQIP  annually. For our team at The Bridges Center, the MBSAQIP accreditation provides validation of our demonstrated track record of success and our ongoing dedication and commitment to providing high quality care and services to our valued patients. For more information about surgical weight loss in Phoenix, AZ, call 602-251-8828.

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