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Letter From the Surgeons

Welcome to The Bridges Center for Surgical Weight Management. By simply being on this website, you are demonstrating that you are at least considering a significant life change. That’s a big first step. Congratulations!

It’s no exaggeration to say that surgical weight loss has radically transformed the lives of many of our patients.* Thousands of patients, like you, perhaps, have come to us after years of struggling with their weight. No matter what they try, nothing seems to help. The pounds simply don’t go away… at least not forever. Meanwhile, many find that their weight is causing them to miss out on life. Playing with their kids is difficult; participating in activities with friends or at work is uncomfortable; and a full night’s sleep without back pain or stomach-related symptoms is almost impossible.

Now, with recent advancements in bariatric surgery, patients have more options than ever before. They can lose weight–once and for all–by making a commitment to a new diet and lifestyle that’s jumpstarted by bariatric surgery.* At The Bridges Center, we help make those dreams a reality. We do this by providing the highest level of patient education and care possible. Our team of health care professionals takes the time to get to know you and work through decisions with you so that you can go into a procedure and out into the rest of your life with a plan that works. Being a patient at The Bridges Center is a lifelong experience. I hope you will consider joining us.

I’d like you to meet my partner, Dr. Schuster, and P.A., Emile Manansala below, as well as the excellent surgeons from Phoenix Bariatric Center, Weight Loss Institute of Arizona and Abdominal Surgeons, LTD, that we are proudly affiliated with. If you’re ready to begin your weight loss journey, please consider joining us at an upcoming weight loss seminar in Phoenix or Mesa.

– Dr. Daniel T Fang, M.D., FACS, FASMBS
Medical Director
of The Bridges Center for Surgical Weight Management

Proudly Affiliated With

Phoenix Bariatric Center
Kurt W Sprunger, M.D. (Read Bio)

Weight Loss Institute of Arizona
John J DeBarros, M.D. (Read Bio)
Catherine K Ho, M.D. (Read Bio)
Michael Orris, D.O. (Read Bio)
Jason F Richardson, M.D. (Read Bio)

Abdominal Surgeons, LTD
Hilario Juarez, M.D. (Read Bio)

* Please note: Results are not 100% guaranteed and may vary from one person to another.

St. Luke's Medical Center
Mountain Vista Medical Center
Official Healthcare Partner of the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Mercury

Please note: Results are not 100% guaranteed and may vary from one person to another.